Great Slider, finally someone knows how to make an amazing slider plugin. This has now become the standard in our company for sliders. Great job!!!!

Plugin is OUT OF BOX..!!! It gives completely new look to post type and Custom post type without no coding. just configured settings as per my requirement that’s it. it adds big value to theme.

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Blog Designer helped me to FINALLY have my Blog the way, I always wanted it to be. And the support works as fast as lightning

Thanks again for the quick solution!

Blog Designer - Testimonial
Daniel Ott

A must have for every webmaster.
Easy to setup, no special skill needed. it does what you expect.
one of the best piece of software here on codecanyon.
oh, superd support!

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Area97 - Freelancer

Awesome plugin. offers bunch of features to beautify your blog. Less then minute to change blog page layout and well documented.

Blog Designer - Testimonial

Simple, easy and nice.
Just what I wa looking for.

Victorp21 - Blog Designer Testimonial
Victorp21 - WordPress Developer

Quick and Easy.
Great plugin for what I needed it to do.

D-solmedia - Blog Designer Testimonial
D-solmedia - Web Developer

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