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Shopping at Solwin Infotech

Many of our customers face with some problem to check theme demos, purchase theme, download theme and payment. So we have written a blog, it could be seen as a guideline for people when shopping at Solwin Infotech.

Step Purchase

  1. Access into our official website
  2. At menu is our menu item as Products/ WordPress Plugins and so on. You can choose another same level items also. In WordPress Plugins we have some products as Blog Designer, Avartan Slider, User Activity Log, etc.
  3. When you like something from us as Business theme or something else, click this to get more details.
  4. Click Live Demo button to get our Frontend
  5. Move mouse into Buy Now button to get this theme. You should choose site licensee , the quantity you need and Installation service package if you interested.
  6. Click Add to Cart button.
  7. After that, Checkout table will be shown, if you have discount code, it will be used in here.
  8. You can choose TWO option Back to our Shop and Checkout right now.
  9. Register your account (if you do not have) and Login
  10. Payment, the forms of our Payment – We accept payment via Pay Pal

Step Download

  1. Access our official website
  2. After login into your account, in header of our site at top menu, you need to click My Account link.
  3. Choose exactly “Download” Section from tabs, that will show you your purchase product lists.
  4. You can use search tools (Ctrl+F) to find exactly your theme/product. Because our collection has many themes and we hope you have long list of purchased products.
  5. After that, Click to “Download” button to get your theme/plugin zip files of product.

Supporting Activites

Become our customer, people will get our supporting activities from us as new improvements and upgraded version.

If you want to configure base on your ideal, you should pay a little for your custom work.

We only support customers who purchase on our official site Solwin Infotech and free products available at If you need immediate support then you can instantly reminding us via our live support forum or send mail to us on


There are some cases, after the purchase of theme you cannot download immediately, the reason is that we need time to active your account or first, you need to activate your account via activation link that you will get with your registered email address.

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