Google Custom Search - Magento Extension

To include rich searching functionality into your website, Googles Custom Search Engine (CSE) is the best way to include in your website. Custom search allows you to create search engine for website, blog or a collection of websites. By using Google CSE you can add your own promotions, configure web page and images, customize the look and feel of search result and also it will allow you to eliminate any unwanted website or information.

Magentos default searching functionality is limited to one website. But if you want to provide custom search in your website than Google Custom Search Engine is a good option. Google Custom Search Integration By Solwin is the Magento Extension which will offer you easy integration of Googles CSE into your website.

Probit - Free Premium WordPress Theme

Probit WordPress Theme is a simple and easy to use free responsive theme that you can use for your blogging, showcasing a portfolio or business websites. It offer users unlimited theme color options to help them change the look of their website and set their brand apart from the competition. You can make use of blog timeline template for facebook like timeline feature for your blog page.

Free Responsive WordPress Theme : Probit

Probit is a free theme that generously provide more functionality and excellent support. This theme is bristled with pixel perfect design, custom page templates, 3 different blog templates and lots of other great features. Icons with font awesome support will enhance your showcase elements, and theme options (available as customizer) increase re-usability of this theme. It also includes countless theme options to alter different theme aspects. The best thing about this theme is that you can use it free of charge for your marketing, corporate or professional business website.

Key Features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Home Page Banner
  • Post Formats
  • Multiple Blog Layouts
  • Portfolio – Isotope and Grid Layouts
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Contact Form 7 plugin support
  • Live Customizer
  • Social Media Support
  • Compatible with FontAwesome
  • Translation Ready
Amazing Tips That Will Motivate You Today

Step by step instructions to Be Positive and Amazing Tips That Will Motivate You Today

If you need to be successful in this positive test, then take after the 10 steps bekow to channel the world with a brighter focal point and wind up noticeably happier.

1. Be certain. The most important perspective to being positive is being positive. It appears to be too essential to ever be valid, however I’ve found this is completely the case. You can either be negative with what life gives you, or choose to be positive. Remember this as you continue this reading, because each positive step advance initially down to your choice.

2. Be thankful. Feeling unsatisfied, envious, or frustrated? Grab a pen and a piece of paper to record each and every thing you’re thankful for. Begin with food and water, a bed, and afterwards, let your mind go. Soon you’ll understand the amount you can be appreciative for and your mentality will change from unsatisfied to positively thankful.

3. Smile! Every human’s DNA is hardwired to feel more joyful after Smiling. Grin yourself or from anyone else to encounter how your mind starts to feel more joyful. It’s remarkable! Furthermore, I bet the positive feeling from a grin or smile is the reason why smiling is the general language of kindnes over each culture.

4. Positive body act. Like smiling to feel positive, upright body act works in a similar way. Sit or stand tall, shoulders back, chin up, and chest out to give your body a chance to help your brain to begin thinking positive. Studies have proven that positive body act exchanges to a more positive personality.

5. Empower others. An honest to goodness effort saying “I thought of you” can make somebody’s entire day. Call your mother or father, send a long text to an old friend, or write a letter to your beloved one. You’ll become more joyful as you think about their excitement to hear from you.

6. Serve somebody. Doing an act of graciousness or kindness for another person enables you to gain a more noteworthy point of view outside of yourself. You’ll in a split second feel extraordinary and life’s little trials won’t hold as much weight when you’re helped to remember the vital things in life.

7. Generously give! Offering cash to a stranger is a great approach to improve their day and your day. Is the server having an unpleasant time taking care of ten tables all at once? Give a generous tip. Another extraordinary way to bless others is to show kindness by purchasing the individual’s food or a drink behind you. As the saying goes, it is much more rewarding to give than to get.

8. Change your objective. Many people are extremely hard on themselves since they shoot for flawlessness, which is impossible to accomplish. Rather than endeavoring to be perfect, strive to gain progress. This will enable you to stay positive, and in all likelihood be more successful.

9. Concentrate on the present and future. As much as you may attempt, you can’t change the past. What you can control is the manner by which you respond today and tomorrow by using your mistakes as wisdom. The best individuals got to where they are, because of how they used their past failures to their benefit.

10. Tune in to your most loved music. Music absolutely has the ability to change how you feel. In case you’re having a harsh day, shake out to your most loved music to change the force. Full revelation, tuning in to Taylor Swift gives me awesome positive vibes. It’s cool however, MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli feel a similar way.

These are the amazing tips that will motivate you Today to do your best and be kind and worthy for this world because at the end of this world, your Porsche is not coming with you to heaven, but your deeds and your kindness will.

Finding Your Strengths And Weaknesses - Blog Designer

We love a lot of things about WordPress. It has so many time-saving features that it makes a lot of the heavy lifting of web development much lighter.


Even if you don’t hire a designer to customize your site, there are enough templates so your site won’t look like everyone else site. WordPress templates provide a great way to kick start your design, and many templates have built-in functions that can help you solve complex web programming tasks. The past few years have seen a huge increase in the number of responsive templates, so be sure the template you choose is mobile-friendly.

Strength of WordPress Plugin : Blog Designer

There is also an one step ahead availability in WordPress plugins, named Blog Designer. No coding skill required and you can get your blog page design ready within 1 minute. Your color combinations, your alternative background color choices, font sizes and much more to setup blog pages as same as your current or new website.

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Web Design & Web Development Company

We’re Solwin InfoTech! We’re not a biggie with offices around the world; but we are a team of experienced professionals comprising creative designers, web developers, programmers, Internet marketing experts and project managers. Solwin Infotech is a team of 30+ expert professionals with lots and lots of talent. We intended to stay small because we believe in Quality rather than Quantity. Each and every team member is a part of our family. The team members have spent days and occasionally nights to take our company to the existing level.

Our tech-savvy team members form the backbone of our organization. They stay updated with the latest industry and market trends and know whats hot and whats, not in the computer technology. If you want to work with qualified, experienced professionals who can help you save time and money, we can be the right choice. We offer a wide range of services from conceptualization to escorting your website to its destination!

We have huge expertise in Joomla, Drupal, Magento, custom CMS development, WordPress, iPhone app development, Android app development, iPad app development, Internet marketing solutions, SEO, SEM, SMO and much more. We use only white hat techniques for SEO. We also offer excellent E-commerce solutions using platforms like X-cart, Oscommerce, Magento, Joomla, custom PHP development, etc. As we execute all the projects flawlessly, we are a trusted choice of many customers across the globe.

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