Why You Should Have the Latest Version of WordPress Installed

WordPress often comes up with the updates that includes many fixes and maintenance. But, everyone gets this question and even we received some comments and mails asking whether to update the WordPress or not. Is it safe for website?

So, here is the article that will answer this frequently asked question.

WordPress is free and cool to use. More than 30 million online users uses WordPress for their website. And, thus WordPress always comes up with the update.

It’s every update consists of bug fixes, new features, improved performances, and improved performance of existing features to sustain their industry standards.

Hence, the straight answer is you must update WordPress as soon as an update gets broadcast. Ironically, if you are not updating it, you are endangering your website’s security and latest enhancements and features. Let me take you deep by giving short briefs about each and every point of WordPress updates.

1. Cool New Exclusive Features

Every new update of WordPress comes with newest features. Whether its for improved plugin install experience, or quicker plugin updates. Every update gives something or the other improvements to better assessments.

wordpress 4.9

The latest Version 4.9 of WordPress, named “Tipton” has major customizer improvements, code error checking, and more! While Version 4.8.2 “Evans” of WordPress released with security and maintenance enhancements.

2. Security

Security is one of the most important points on this list and WordPress generally works on security of its and yours website. No one should loose anything. Almost 58% of websites are powered by WordPress today and due to this much of popularity it is also the primary target for hackers.


As we all know, WordPress is an open source, anyone can study the source code to learn and even to improve it, that’s also applied to hackers. Hackers can easily search for websites that runs on the older version and if your website is one of not updated then, you can be a victim too. But, there are some good hackers too who finds the bugs for WordPress and fix that. And, then it forward the bug fixes in updates.

Now, you know why fixing bugs is important. And, not just WordPress, plugins can also be tapped by hackers. You have to make sure that all your WordPress plugins, and WordPress Themes always up to date.

3. Speed

The developers of WordPress always try to make things quicker and faster for everyone. Every new updates comes with many performance improvements that makes WordPress run faster and effective.

SEO has taken speed as a really huge factor and hence WordPress always tries to make it as SEO friendly as possible.


4. Bug Fixes

There are many things in the way a website or WordPress to be precise, face bugs issues. A bug not only effects your website completely and also makes it slow as hell. Every new WordPress update is released with many bug issues solved that can certainly work well for your website.

Bug Fixes

5. Compatibility (or NOT)

Compatibility is also another giant reason for upgrading the websites with new update. The compatibility focuses on how WordPress works with different bunch of browsers, plugins, themes etc. Hence, updating your WordPress website with latest version will be an advantage for you and your website.


So, here are the major 5 points that shows you how much it is important to update your WordPress version or website. Always try to keep your WordPress, and plugins up to date and never miss an update.

Why choose WordPress

We, Solwin here has always asked this question very frequently by our users and customers.

Is WordPress good to setup an online store?

Is WordPress an ideal system or Magento? Or Shopify?

The answer is: Well, all these have wonderful features to offer and are great in their own way.

But, we have these points that are up to the edge and will make your thoughts clear about why you should choose WordPress for your online business.

1. It’s Free and will always be

WordPress is a free software and never takes a single penny for its services or offering platform. WordPress is easy to use and can be used to create any kind of website. Also, it offers open source which means you can modify and play as much as your want with the source code.

wordpress is open source

All you need to use WordPress is a domain and web hosting. No matter if you are a blogger or launching any online business, it is free and will always be for everyone. Currently, around 3000+ WordPress themes and more than 35,000 free plugins to make your experience best.

2. Customization options: As much as you want

As mentioned in above point, WordPress offers open source, which gives you access to learn, modify and create your website as you want.

Also, you can customize your themes and sections through Appearance > Customize.

wordpress cuastomization

And it is yet not over, thousands of WordPress plugins are waiting for you in case you want any additional functionality. You can grab it anytime, they are available on the tips of your hands.

3. It is the most popular and user friendly

There has to be some reason for more than 75 million active websites that run on WordPress, right?

According to us, WordPress is amazingly user-friendly, and the prime reason behind its popularity. Almost all the hosting companies offers WordPress installations on a single click.

Single Click Install WordPress

4. WordPress is easy to use and learn

WordPress is so easy that you will have no difficulty even if you are a total beginner.

It is used by millions of people and WordPress is expecting it to be billion soon.

wordpress statistics

The core reason behind these counts is its extremely user-friendly panel and thousands of options to optimize your WordPress site. It is calculated that everyday thousands of new users are joining the Giant WordPress community with their WordPress powered websites.

5. It is Search Engine Friendly

WordPress is super SEO friendly because of its structure and high quality code. After installing your website to WordPress, you can make it even more SEO friendly by using WordPress SEO plugins.

Google’s Matt Cutts said that

WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.

If you are looking forward to improve your rankings and get many organic traffic, WordPress is the ideal option.

6. WordPress handles all the different media types

WordPress is CMS but it has never believed in limiting to that. It is not at all just about writing text. It comes with built-in Media support that can handle all the major file format like, Images, Audio and Video content.

multimedia support wordpress

Also, it can be used for document and file management. WordPress supports Embedding enabled websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc that can make your things easy to easier.

Hopefully, we think that this blog will be useful and will clear your food for thought about confusion to choose a platform.

With numerous modifying options, plentiful plugins for amazing functionalities and flexible as much as you want, WordPress is by far the best platform to build your new website or online business.

10 Reasons to Design Your Blog with Blog Designer Plugin

Blogging industry has made its place in the Internet world today. Blogging is literally the source of income for many of the people nowadays. It is like a status update for any organization or a company.

WordPress platform is one of the most powerful technology to build a website or a blog.

With the help of innumerable plugins, extensions and options of design have made things really easy to make a website.

The look and feel of the blog is the most important for the viewers. Keeping it simple and eye- soothing has always been in the checklist of a website/blog. We are here to educate you with one of the most powerful plugins for a blog or website. And, the epic part is you can build your website in just 5 minutes! Unbelievable enough, right?

Blog Designer is the game changer plugin for your website blog. It has 100k+ downloads already and the numbers are growing day-by-day! It is highly focused on the perfect design as per your visitors and a particular page. There are more than 30 layout templates (and adding) for page and you can select a different layout for different pages. Isn’t that something that you always wanted? Now, allow me to highlight some reasons that can provoke you to download it right now!

Blog Designer offers a number of features and flexibility to get more attractive blog and archive pages. You can change blog page design easily anytime with our favorite design collections, show/hide post meta, social share and much more.

1. Multiple Blog Layout
a) More than 35+ high-impact blog templates and design layouts that will cover all the aspects of a WordPress website. You can get masonry, box view, timeline, story and many more type of layouts.

36 unique blog templates

2. Browser Compatibility
a) No matter which browser your users are using, Blog Designer will function perfectly with great ease. It is highly tested and compatible in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and even Internet Explorer.

3. Unique Single Blog Design
a) Another advantage of Blog Designer plugin is it provides 35+ different blog layouts to have it on single page. The more options you get, the more awesome your website will look! No worries about your single page blog if you have Blog Designer. You can change whenever you want, as many times you want. 🙂

4. Category/Tag Layout Design
a) Blog Designer gives you a bumper benefit which is, it provides many different layouts for individual categories and tags. Now, you can make an individual page for your most viewed and viral categories with the perfect theme and layout! Now, that’s amazing, isn’t it?

5. Google Font Support
a) And That’s all you want! Blog Designer plugin comes with Google font support. Now show your blog in the most dedicated font you want and enjoy!

6. Taxonomy Post Filter
a) We taking you a step ahead to your hot categories and tags to filter it and make your page look even more cool. This is the easiest and clever way to get highest visitors on specific category or tags.

7. Author Blog Page Design
a) Of course, we cant forget the Author of the post! The one who is responsible for the tough job. Yes, Blog Designer plugin also provides a unique and global design for Author section. Post date(archive) page will be display same like as Author Page.

8. Blog Layout Settings
a) There are multiple settings for a blogger so that a blogger can customize whatever they want and in the way they want. A blogger can also make their own creative layout If he/she wants.

Blog layout settings

9. Premium Support
a) Our team of experts is always happy to help you and take out the solutions of your problems. We give answers to all the tickets but the one who has Premium Accounts are always on Priority.

10. User Friendly Admin Panel
a) It has one of the most user friendly admin panel. Admin can edit, customize and even make their own blog layouts. And also, Blog Designer also has in-page settings. So that admin can customize it in any way he/she wants.
1. Custom ‘Read More’ support
2. Social Share in single post
3. Previous and Next buttons for page
4. Related Post sections
5. Pinterest default saving extension
6. And many many more…

Blog Designer has two versions, Lite and Pro version! Lite version is free for all but has lack of functionality such as it gives only 6 blog layouts.
Where as, Pro version is paid that offers all the services to the max and has more than 30 different blog layouts.

Just don’t wait and try Blog Designer once in your blog, it can change everything for you and your online presence!

Blog Designer PRO available Only with 29

No more waitings and plans! It’s the time to grab your favorite plugin with a huge discount.

Blog Designer is an effective and user friendly WordPress Plugin to beautify your blog pages on your websites.

It’s very popular plugin for WordPress blog to attract more clients as well as more blog visitors. Blog Designer makes your blog section more intuitive with no coding skill. It’s very easy to manage for beginners to website developers.

Blog Designer Pro is bundled with precisely designed 36 templates for various category.


36 unique blog templates


If you are looking for category/tag archive design then Blog Designer Pro is best solution which you have never seen before.

You can use this plugin in your website for below niche sites:

  • Blogging website
  • New section of website
  • Share Business & Technology idea
  • Your company story (timeline)
  • Event summary showcase (timeline)
  • My achievements (timeline)
  • Author biography (timeline)
  • Company new product updates
  • Step by step tutorial guideline
  • Fashion blog website
  • Latest trend blog
  • Business & Entrepreneurship blogs
  • NGO website to share news/update
  • Personal blog Site
  • Showcase post with slideshow (slider)
  • To display different category post with different design


weekly top selling wordpress plugin
Weekly top selling WordPress plugin


Recent updates/features added in Blog Designer Pro:

  • Added: Image resize support for multisite
  • Added: Widget option “Most Viewed Posts” with BDP-> Recent Post widget
  • Added: RTL support for Layouts, Archive Layouts and Single Post Layouts including frontend design
  • Added: Responsive options for grid blog templates
  • Added: Skype social share button with social share library
  • Added: Color settings option for Author data and Meta data
  • Added: Easy to switch from ‘free’ to ‘pro’ version, using free version data
  • Added: New email sharing concept with changing email content facility
  • Updated: Slider template up to 6 columns, last time it was only up to 3 columns
  • Updated: esc_url() function added with all social share links
  • Updated: Third party libraries to latest version – Font Awesome, Flex Slider, etc.
  • Updated: Backend settings panel made as sticky to switch on other settings easily without vertical scrolling
  • Fixed: ‘Read More’ text settings not applying with Preview Screen mode
  • Fixed: Media size settings not working in Multisite
  • Fixed: Comment section design issue with nested level comments


more than 1600+ happy customers
more than 1600+ happy customers


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Beautiful Blog Designer - Blog Layouts

Bloggers are now the third most trustworthy source of information, following only friends and family, according to a U.K. survey. That’s right: Bloggers are trusted more than celebrities, journalists, brands, and politicians.

But how do you get people to fall in love with your blog in the first place?

Well, just as your website homepage is like the front door to your business, so too is your blog homepage the front door to your business blog.

A lot of it has to do with how your blog’s design. I mean, once you’re done creating the quality content that keeps readers sticking around for more, you still have the challenge of finding a balance between visual design and effective content presentation. Blogs are chock full of images, text, and links that need to be shown off just right — otherwise readers abandon your content because they can’t make heads or tails of what’s going on.

That’s why we’ve compiled some examples of blog homepages to get you on the right track to designing the perfect blog for your readers. Check ’em out.

  1. Boxy Blog Template – Demo
  2. Boxy Clean Blog Template – Demo
  3. Brit Co Blog Template – Demo
  4. Brite Blog Template – Demo
  5. Chapter Blog Template – Demo
  6. Classical Blog Template- Demo
  7. Cool Horizontal Blog Template – Demo
  8. Crayon Slider Blog Template  – Demo
  9. Deport Blog Template – Demo
  10. Easy Timeline Blog Template – Demo
  11. Elina Blog Template – Demo
  12. Evolution Blog Template – Demo
  13. Explore Blog Template – Demo
  14. Glossary Blog Template – Demo
  15. Hoverbic Blog Template – Demo
  16. Hub Blog Template – Demo
  17. Invert-Grid Blog Template – Demo
  18. LightBreeze Blog Template – Demo
  19. Masonry Timeline Blog Template – Demo
  20. Media Grid Blog Template – Demo
  21. My Diary Blog Template – Demo
  22. Navia Blog Template – Demo
  23. News Blog Template – Demo
  24. Nicy Blog Template – Demo
  25. Offer Blog Template – Demo
  26. Overlay Horizontal Blog Template – Demo
  27. Pretty Blog Template – Demo
  28. Region Blog Template – Demo
  29. Sallet Slider Blog Template – Demo
  30. Sharpen Blog Template – Demo
  31. Spektrum Blog Template –  Demo
  32. Story Blog Template – Demo
  33. Sunshiny Slider Blog Template – Demo
  34. Tagly Blog Template – Demo
  35. Timeline Blog Template – Demo
  36. Winter Blog Template – Demo

And more blog templates coming soon in future version updates!

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